Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snowmageddon, snowzaster, whatever.

Once again, the local weather people are predicting the end of the world  a large blizzard sure to paralyze the entire midwest.  Its getting so that every storm that comes across the plains is hyped so much that I tend to tune out any predictions of dire weather.  Maybe we'll get that foot or two of snow they're predicting, but really, these meteorologists are rarely correct.  The last time they predicted a storm of this size, schools all over the area were cancelling for the next day before the storm EVER hit.  And then the next day, snow totals were minimal.  I'm looking out my front window right now and there are just a few flakes falling.  According to the radar, its been snowing here for the past two hours.  Sure.  Whatever.

Anyway, this time of year is always good for doing crafty type stuff.  Since I just finished my scarf, I'm starting a new project.  Although, goodness knows, there are plenty of unfinished projects that have been abandoned and maybe I should just go ahead and finish those. 

Here are just a few:  a scarf, a mitten (you can just see the cuff there in blue), two drawstring bags that just need the drawstrings, and a panel to a sweater I started 3 years ago. 

And here's the beginnings of another mitten.  

This is actually mitten #2.  Mitten #1 taught me a very important lesson about reading directions.  If you're a knitter, you know that every single pattern includes the words  "always check your gauge".  Turns out, those are very important words.  The mitten I knitted would have fit a giant.  I ended up giving it to my friend to fill with greenery and use as a centerpiece for a Christmas dinner.  It was really pretty though.  So I guess I'll knit this up now.  I really wanted to start a baby project for my niece using this yarn:

but I can't find the right sized circular needles.  According to the weather people, I shouldn't run to the store anytime soon so I'll guess this yarn will have to wait.

Its been a busy week so far; lots of working and extra stuff after work.  And while most of the extra stuff has been lots of fun (spending the weekend at a cabin with my coworkers, spending another evening with some high school friends), its nice to be home once in a while and do nothing. I actually kind of like the feeling of being confined to my house by a blizzard, especially when I can stay home.  But alas, I have to work tomorrow and we don't have snow days at the hospital.  Word has it that if you call in because of snow, they come and get you anyway, so there's no point in trying that excuse.  : )

One of my resolutions was to do more card-making this year and I've done a little bit of that.  This was part of a kit that made a total of 6 cards, two of each design.  Some of these cards can get really, really detailed and can take quite a bit of time to make. 

My exercise resolutions are also on track, and I'm doing pretty well with that.  I'm not thrilled that it involves getting up at 5 a.m. to do that but...

Uh oh.  My kids are now performing their snow dance.  I'm afraid this may involve sacrificing a pig or something.  I hope for their sake that this storm really hits us and they can have their snow day.   

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