Monday, February 21, 2011

Gettin' Fancy

Remember when I tried to teach you how to make bread?  If you need a review, class, you can check it out here.  Remember how I said that I would talk about adding stuff to the bread recipe to make it fancy and whatnot?  Well grab your rolling pins because today's that day!  I'll wait while you whoop and holler. 

Ok.  So the other other day I decided to make some bread.  And here I must interrupt myself to say that my bread making this year has drastically decreased from last year.  Maybe those psych meds are starting to work.  Anywho, due to the fact that I was a little weird about growing all that basil last year, I have gobs of it in my freezer (in the form of pesto) and decided to make some Pesto Parmesan bread. 

The only change to the original bread recipe is at the point where you put it in the bread pans.  So if you really care to make this, follow along until that point.  Which is right here:

At this point, I took out one of my containers of pesto, which is about 3 Tablespoons worth, and painted it on the bread.  Then, because everything is better with parmesan cheese, I sprinkled some of that on too.  And no, it wasn't the real stuff because I didn't have any.  Now, some people freeze their pesto with the cheese already in it but I saw some conflicting advice about that and decided I could add the cheese later.  After rolling up the dough and sticking it in the pan, I let it rise for about an hour or so. And then, of course, I baked it.   When cut, the bread has a swirl of pesto parmesan goodness thats even better with melty butter on it. 

Did you know that you can add pesto to soups and stews too?  Yup.  You can.  And can I say something else here?  I'm not really on psych meds. 

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