Monday, February 7, 2011


I have an idea!  Lets yet again discuss my bathroom, its ugliness, and the need for remodeling.  Because I just love to talk a subject to death.  Actually, its going to finally happen, and not because I'm ready, because quite frankly, I've been ready for a new bathroom for a loooooong time.  Instead, we HAVE to get this bathroom done due to a toilet overflowing debacle.  Love that word, debacle.  It covers a great many events, I think.  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, the toilet (which is on the second floor, keep in mind) overflowed for several hours during the night until it was discovered by my son who was sleeping in the basement.  Do you get the gravity of that situation?  He heard water dripping into the living room in the basement, went to the main floor to investigate where the water was coming from, and discovered water dripping from ceiling.  So he went all the way upstairs and saw that the toilet had somehow become a fountain and was spewing water all over the place.  Nice.

So today, a contractor will be coming to give us an estimate on redoing the whole thing, as insurance will pay for new floor and subfloor.  Now comes the part I dread.  Even more than paying for it, I dread picking out what I want.  Do I want dark cabinets?  Light cabinets?  Medium cabinets?  Do I want to replace the double sink with another double sink?  or a single one?  Do I replace the 72 in. vanity with a smaller size?  or go ahead and put another 72 in. vanity there? 

What kind of lights do I want?  And what colors?  I'm horrible at making decisions.  I always second guess myself and then drive myself crazy thinking about what I should have done instead. Is my incessant whining bothering you?  Because its bothering me.  I think I'm going to talk my sister into helping me with this because she has a gift for decorating.  She can look at a space and form a picture in her mind of what it should look like.  If she wasn't a nurse, she could easily have been a decorator. 

I'll post pictures of my hideous bathroom soon.  Now that its going to change, I can reveal the ghastliness that is my bathroom.  I really think this bathroom could win an award for the ugliest bathroom in America.  I am not even exaggerating. 

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