Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I'm in wait mode for the contractor's bid on the bathroom. I'm guessing he won't be offering discounts based on pity either, although there should be some sort of discount for having existed with this monstrosity for as long as we have.  I was rather proud of myself though, for answering his questions fairly confidently.  I said "I want" a lot, rather than "could we?"   As in, "I want a white vanity, and something in the 62-64 inch range."  Oh, and also "I want new baseboards and white bead board paneling half way up the wall."  Really, who puts old baseboards and trim back in a newly remodeled bathroom?    The oooonly thing I had some trouble verbalizing (maybe because I'm just not sure) was whether to replace the double sinks or go with one.  I opted for two.  Basically, the bathroom will be gutted.  Amen, and amen. 

And now, prepare your eyes.  This is the before series of pictures. 

              First, the 70's wallpaper. 

And then the really dark vanity. 

I know, I know.  This doesn't look all that bad  But what you can't see is the hole in the tub thats been patched with some sort of brownish goo.  Or the fact that the drain in the tub doesn't work so you can't take a bath there.  It also doesn't show the gray floor where hairspray has accumulated and does not come off, even with scrubbing.  Or the closet doors that also have hairspray grunge all over them.  But get a load of this next picture:

Why yes, that is a Scooby Doo beach towel covering the window, thank you very much.  Its probably even better that its hanging UPSIDE DOWN! Are your retinas burning from that swag light?  It makes me sad that this was once in style.  I think the 70's was generally a time of great despair as far as decorating was concerned.  Are you wondering why the light bulbs are bare?  I'll tell you why.  Because whenever we put the glass bowl over the bulb, the bulb ceases to function.  I don't know why.  I just decided to stop fighting it and left the stupid things off.  Yes, my bathroom is like the website.  Its hideous but you can't look away.  You're just glad you don't have to live with that in your house! 

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