Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday, Monday

It's been one of those days.  When the phone rings and its your employer asking where you are, it kind of starts the day in a panic.  Oh, its not entirely my fault.  In fact, its not my fault at all.  And then at one point, my cell phone fell in the toilet.  And let me tell you, its not fun to retrieve ANYTHING out of a toilet.  Then, I received a call from DD#2 telling me that my son had run away from home because they were fighting.  The day was not a total loss, however, and I'm still laughing about my phone.  Thank goodness it works!

How am I doing?
Fine thanks.
But seriously...
Goal #1 I ran for 17, count 'em, 17 minutes.  (I believe my goal was 15.  If it was 20, I'm in trouble.)  And I also walked for a total time on the treadmill (which would best be abbreviated TTOTT hahahaha) of 25 minutes.  I didn't feel anything move, kidney stone-wise, so that's a good thing!  And let me just point out that those 17 minutes were consecutive.  Mmm hmm. 

Goal #2.  I spent 75 cents at lunch today and $33 on dog grooming (thanks to my mom for being a doggie driver).  What on earth could cost 75 cents?  Cottage cheese.  Oh yes, the good stuff.  But get this:  if I buy it from the salad bar, it costs $2.55! In a cup, its just 75 little cents.  I feel like I've found a gold mine, so to speak, and I'm a little worried that the cafeteria will be on to my devious plan and force everyone to buy from the salad bar.  Heck, then I'll just bring it myself.  Anyway, I figure I saved some money to add to my payin'-off-the-bills fund.  Yay me.  So things are on track...

Well, considering today, what's making me happy right now is a large glass of wine.  God bless the guy who invented it!

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