Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bread and Progress

Last night I made bread...again.  I've been making at least 3 loaves a week for the past month.  Its actually very simple to make bread, and its very cheap although maybe not as cheap as buying it at the bread store.  But it sure is delicious, especially warm from the oven, and slathered in butter.  I'm trying to be more adventurous in what I add to the bread to change it up just a little.  Last night I used warm beer instead of water which resulted in a very fluffy and delicious bread.  Later this week, I'm going to post my recipe and some pictures.  If I can make bread, anyone can.  Trust me on this!!!

Guess its time to review my progress. 

Goal #1:  I have been doing NO running for a while.  I don't know if I mentioned this but I have suffered from plantar fasciitis in the past and after a busy day at work, I can really tell.  When getting up in the morning, it sometimes feels like there are knives shooting up into the bottoms of my feet.  I'm just so afraid that running will make it return that I'm hesitant to run at all.  I do plan on buying a new, decent pair of running shoes, and I'm going to get some new inserts for them.  I'd also like to buy a pair of Dansko shoes for work - I hear good things about them from other plantar fasciitis sufferers.  They're just sooooo expensive!  (maybe if I consider it an investment in my health I'll feel better about it)

Goal #2:  I've been using the Quicken program for just about 2 weeks now and it is really enlightening.  It takes a little time to set up and I noticed that unless I reconcile some entries, the account balances aren't correct.  But once that's taken care of, it gives me a nice pie chart that shows where most of my monthly payments are going.  And while I knew where most it was going, its quite a shock to see it in pie chart form (in full color!).  According to Quicken, most of my monthy expenditures are towards credit card payments.  But because I made a huge payment to the first bill on my list, this only makes sense.  And until its paid off, I imagine this will be the way it is.  I just have to keep telling myself that its allright.  

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