Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Hello.  My name is Anne and I am an addict.  Its been, oh, 20 minutes since my last purchase and I swear, this time I'm done. What am I buying?  Seeds.  I am a seed addict.  I am enticed by the seed displays in every store I enter these days.  And I get about 8 gardening catalogs in which every page looks more appealing than the last.  Those photographers sure know how to make vegetables look good.  Veggies I would never eat in a million years suddenly need to be grown in my garden.  Perhaps I should add that I don't really have a garden.  Well, I guess technically I do, but its really small.  Its probably big enough for 2 or 3 tomato plants, some beans and maybe some peppers or something small like that.  Its certainly not big enough for pumpkins or anything vining.  So why do I keep buying seeds?  Good question. 

Tonight at the store, I bought 6 packages of tomato seeds.  I have this good friend, Lori, that grows tomatoes, peppers and herbs from seed and sells the seedlings.  Her plants are so healthy and cheap that it doesn't pay me to grow any of this stuff myself.  Except I'm a seed addict and bought some anyway. 

Do you see the little bucket of seeds in the background?  Its stuffed full of seed packets. 

If you look closely, you can see a packet of rutabagas.  Who in the world eats rutabagas?  Actually, me.  I grew 2 last year and cooked them up and mashed them with potatoes.  They were actually quite delicious.  Really underrated, those rutabagas. 

Last year I had a 1000 sq. foot garden in a little town about 15 minutes away.  I kind of neglected it and the farmer that owns the property mowed it.  The weeds were completely out of control but I have a plan this year.  Mulch.  And if I grow this garden again, I already have the cucumbers, squash, lettuce, and watermelon ready to go.  (Or they will be ready by the time its time to plant.) Oh, and of course, I'll have lots of tomatoes. 

I may be a hopeless case.  Who am I kidding?  I'll be buying seeds the next time I step into a store. 

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