Thursday, April 8, 2010


Its Spring Break week here and as usual, the weather is somewhat cold and rainy.  I'm sure all of those people that were lucky enough to travel somewhere warm are happy that they've left this weather behind.  We don't typically travel anywhere during this week; work schedules and such haven't allowed it.  So we stay home and try and find something to do.  Yesterday we thought about going to a movie until we realized there wasn't anything playing that we wanted to see.  And movies are expensive!  I'm too cheap to pay for something I don't really want. 

Yesterday seemed like a good time to replant the seedlings that have been growing on every available ledge.

I got a little carried away.  I planted 7 different kinds of tomatoes, and 7 different kinds of flowers.  In case you care, those flowers are Purple Toadflax, Hypoestes (or polka dot plant), Celosia , Wild Bergamot, Larkspur, Sunflowers, and Cosmos.  I'm not totally sure if sunflowers can be started from seed in the house or not but we'll see. In fact, most of these seeds are so old, I'm not sure they'll sprout at all!  Here are some pictures - (just because I feel the need to fill space.)

Purple Toadflax



Wild Bergamot, also known as Bee Balm



(love these things - so pretty!)

And really, lets talk about how sad it is that the only topic I have to write about is what I've planted.  But anyway, I'm planting more seeds today; they needed to be soaked overnight so today will be another day that I have dirt under my fingernails.  And to me, any day where that's possible, is a good day. 

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