Friday, March 26, 2010


 I'm on a quest to find the best perch in the world.  And by world, I mean West Michigan because, lets face it:  I'm never gonna travel the world.  So everytime I go to a new restaurant, I usually get the perch.  I developed this thing for perch when I was pregnant with my oldest child.  People joke about craving weird stuff when they're pregnant but all I wanted was perch.  That's not so weird is it?  I would order the perch at the old Aron's every Wednesday for lunch when I went there with my mom.  They used saltine crackers in their breading and it was soooo good. 

But then Aron's closed and my quest began.  So far, I've narrowed my favorites to 2 locations:  Hobo's and 750 Grill, both within walking distance of my house.  (And considering they both serve alcohol, this may serve me well at some point.)  However, I haven't looked outside of Muskegon County so there may be some other restaurant that's got even better perch and how will I know if I never find it?  What if I'm missing out on the Best Perch in the World and and I go the rest of my life without knowing it?  Oh dear.  Just the mere thought leaves me anxious and feeling desperate.  I feel a road trip coming on...

Goal #1:  I'm working out on a fairly regular basis, running a couple of times a week, walking the rest of the time.  I should be ok to run a 5k by May. 

Goal #2:  Right on track.  Notice how vague I am?  I have all 3 of my kids telling me they need a bunch of money.  The oldest needs a housing deposit for college in the beginning of May, the middle needs the balance of her Africa trip paid, and the youngest needs money for camp and a mission trip he has coming up this summer.  I think I can foresee some paid yard help in their futures! 

I planted a bunch of seeds about 2 weeks ago and most of them are sprouting quite nicely.  I'm toying with the idea of renting the 1000 sq. foot garden again this year, so I have a head start on some plants to put in.  Yes, they're indoor seedlings and the problem is, I have nowhere to put the trays of seeds so they get sunshine and warmth.  So I've been rotating the trays between the front window, the kitchen counter and the dining room floor.  Its worse than having a baby!  (Well, not really, but its still a lot of work!)  But growing stuff always makes me happy!


  1. Try The Hearthstone. I hear it's pretty good there...

  2. I just love watching seeds start to grow. They grow so fast at first you can almost watch them growing! This happened with my herbs last year, they grow like weeds.