Sunday, March 20, 2011

Is that grass I see? And why is there a sock in the middle of the yard?

Spring is finally truly around the corner (can I get an Amen?) and the snow is melting at a pace I can live with.  Every day I see a bit more of my yard which both excites and terrifies me.  Excited, obviously, because that means that soon I'll be planting stuff and making things look beautiful.  Terrifies, because, well... I'll be planting stuff and making things look beautiful.  And thats a lot of work.  But as the snow recedes, it leaves stuff behind.  Like socks.  And silverware.  What? Why is there a frosting knife in the front yard?  And why is there a lone sock in the backyard? 

I think that today, I'll plant some peas in the garden - peas love cooler weather and I've heard you can plant them as early as St. Patrick's Day so I'll give it a try.  I don't have much luck with peas usually anyway so might as well fail early as late.  That way it frees up space for other veggies.  This year I will NOT be renting a garden and I'm ok with that.  We will be having a graduation open house in June so I'll be concentrating on making my own yard presentable.  I'll have enough garden space to grow a few things and I'm going to try more things in pots on my deck.  Last year I grew salad greens in an antique strainer on my deck and that worked really well.   It was a bonus that it was right outside the back door by the kitchen.  

The contractor came over the other day and brought a plumber.  They both had samples and booklets so I could pick out my tub, cabinets and countertop.  I hate making decisions and it makes me a little anxious to have to do that, but I made my choices.  Even the choice of whether to have a two handled faucet as opposed to a one handled faucet was a little too much for me, but its done.  Now I have to go buy 2 mirrors and some light fixtures.  At least this looks like progress to me.  Yay! 

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