Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bathroom Progress

My kids had a day off of school yesterday which gave me the perfect opportunity to go shopping with my personal shopper, a.k.a Bethany.  As I've said before, I'm not good with decision making so if I have her along to offer opinions, I feel more comfortable.  We picked out a shower curtain from JCPenney but I've already decided I'm taking it back.  There's a different one at Bed Bath & Beyond that I like better. 

This is the one I bought but will be returning:

I think the biggest issue I've had with this whole bathroom remodel thing is what color to make it.  I really like blues, and cool tones.  Or even bright ones, but when I go into someone else's house and they have a bathroom done in browns or darker colors, it seems really classy to me.  So I've decided to go with a darker color scheme.  The cabinets will be white, but the wall color will be darker.  Too much white and a person'll go blind! 

I looked for a picture of the one I'm getting instead but Bed  Bath & Beyond doesn't have it on their website.  Oh well. 

I also purchased 2 light fixtures:

Not exactly like this, but really similar

And two mirrors to replace the 5 foot long one we already have:

The frame is a silvery grey but will go well with the shower curtain I picked out. 

We also picked up some paint samples to start making that decision.  Bethany and I decided that there's something really exciting about looking at paint chips.  Its like a whole world full of opportunities right there in the hardware store, and really, paint is cheap.  You can change a room entirely by just changing the paint color.  So I'm pretty thrilled that this bathroom is almost ready to start!  And I'm really lucky that we do have another shower to use while that one is under construction.  Yay!

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