Monday, November 29, 2010


Believe me, I'm no expert in the field of home management, but I have to share something with you.  Its something that has saved me a great deal of time and lately, lots of money as well.  Are you intrigued?  Here's my tip for you... plan a weekly menu.  That's it. 

I know, you're probably thinking you don't need to, and that you have everything under control.  But bear with me here because it gets a little more exciting.  (I think, anyway.) 

I've given a little bit of effort in years past with planning a menu, but felt very restricted by it.  What if, for example, I don't feel like eating spaghetti on Monday?  or whatever.  In the past 3 months though, I've planned a menu simply as a way to actually make some of the recipes I've collected over the years.  I have a huge stack of good-sounding recipes that I've been meaning to cook - some I've had for 20 years even! And since some of these recipes call for ingredients I don't normally have on hand, I thought I'd be smart and make a menu and a corresponding shopping list.  By doing so, I spent about $100 less on groceries during that 2 week period. Yes, I said $100.  I could probably save even more if I planned a menu based on whats on sale at the store that week too.  I don't necessarily stick to the menu as its written, and I usually swap days depending on whats going on that particular day.  But I don't usually abandon the menu entirely. 

Anway, I was checking out one of my favorite websites, I'm an Organizing Junkie , because, frankly, I want to be one.  And she had a link to another blog where there was the cutest menu board.  I'm linkin' up that website too...
She made it out of a baking pan!  How clever!

The directions are all on her blog, While He Was Napping.  And while its super-cute, I won't be making it because its just one more thing for me to do.  But hey, you're you. 

In case you still need convincing, I'm going to list some benefits of planning a menu:
  • You can save money
  • You never have to worry at 4 pm what you could possibly whip up for dinner by 5.  I look at the menu for the next day while I'm cleaning up from the current day's dinner and take out any meat that needs to thaw, chop up any veggies that I may need, etc.
  • This saves time
  • In theory, if you have a menu posted, other family members can get started on cooking it.  Notice I said "in theory".  Because in all honesty, that'll never happen. 
  • It helps you eat healthier by having food thats actually good for you, rather than ordering a pizza or running to the nearest fast-food restaurant because you can't possibly have dinner ready in an hour.   
  • It makes you feel oh-so-smart because you have it all under control. 

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