Sunday, September 5, 2010

You'll Thank Me

Allright my friends, I'm gonna say three words that are going to make your life complete:

Green Goddess Dressing

Maybe that's a bit dramatic, but seriously, Green Goddess Dressing is my new favorite food product. 

My 17 year old daughter told me about GGD (I'm too lazy to keep typing it out) a few months ago when I was going to make taco salad for dinner.  She insisted that the salad had to be made with Doritos, but that it also had to have GGD.  "Trust me", she said.  So I went to the store and bought a bottle of GGD and a bag of Doritos, and I'll be darned!  That was the Best taco salad in the world!  And I'm not being too dramatic here! 

Yesterday at work, a security guard gave me a recipe for a seafood salad that guessed it, GGD.  He said that without that dressing, the salad is nothing.  He's tried substituting ranch or other various creamy-type dressings but that the GGD really makes it good.  Thus began a discussion about GGD.  Just what is in GGD?  Thank God for Google!  It contains tarragon and chervil which we think makes it green. 

A lot of stores don't carry GGD anymore because, while it was popular in the late 70's, not too many people use it anymore.  Kraft still makes it but I'm a little nervous that they'll stop.  So before it disappears completely, go buy some!

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