Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Confessional

Not only has it been a long time since we had a confessional here, but its been a long time since I've been here at all.  The last part of August turned out to be quite a busy time.  Preparing a child to leave for college is rather time consuming.  And then going to retrieve that child because she is sick consumes even more time.  But then sitting with that child in the emergency room, the ICU and the medical floor for 5 days takes up even more time.  Poor kid!  I wouldn't have been anywhere else.  She's recovering nicely, thank God!  And the knowledge that many, many people were praying for her really comforted me - and helped her too!

So what to confess...what to confess... hmm... ... ...

This is not a shocker to those who know me.  And I hope its not something that is exclusive to just me;  but I can't seem to find my car in a parking lot.  Ever.  You could suggest that I use the panic button on my key fob, but that whole thing hasn't worked in a really long time.  I've tried memorizing just where I park (section G, or whatever) but that doesn't seem to work either.  So instead, I wander the parking lot, trying to act nonchalant about it. I don't want to appear uncool, you understand.  I'm sure people can figure out that I'm lost anyway. 

I've been known to get in the wrong car too.  Which mortifies my kids.  But really, people should keep their car doors locked!

Please tell me I'm not alone!

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