Tuesday, July 13, 2010

More Green things

Another trip to the garden...

compare these two photos:

This is the same watermelon, one week apart.  Amazing!  ( I suppose its not really amazing, as everyone's watermelons do the same thing but still...)
Now to have enough patience to let it fully ripen.  One year, I was in such a huge hurry to pick a watermelon that it wasn't ripe and tasted terrible. 

A few of the cabbage plants are doing quite well:

While others are NOT doing so well.  I'm sure its a different type of cabbage, but apparently its very tasty to cabbage loopers and other bugs. Take a look:

Can you see all those holes?  And there isn't a cabbage head in there at all.  I'm just viewing this as free food for the bugs. 

And then there is this plant,  which I think is a cantaloupe, but there is no fruit on it.  Not even little tiny ones with blooms attached.  All just male flowers.  But the plant itself is going crazy!

Its been a really good year to have a garden, weather-wise.  Last year the weather was very cold and rainy but this summer has been ideal!  Very hot and sunny! 

Here's what I brought home from the garden today:

Yes, that's a handful of beans but next week, there'll be more than I can deal with.  Better get the canner ready!


  1. Your watermelon grew that much in one week? Incredible! My peppers seem to grow at that pace too... it really is fun to watch. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I never get tired of seeing all the changes from week to week and day to day out in the garden! Your garden is wonderful.

  3. Just stoppin' by from TGP. Looks like a great harvest.

  4. Thanks everyone! That unidentified plant has been identified... its a pumpkin. Shoot! I was hoping it was cantaloupe. Oh well...

  5. Love the amount of growth plants can put out!
    Thanks for linking up to the TGP!