Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring flowers

I was waiting for my daughter's prom date to pick her up and didn't want to look like I was sitting around waiting for my daughter's prom date to pick her up, so I took the camera and took some pictures of flowers that are blooming in my yard. 

Here are some pink tulips.  I love spring flowering bulbs of any kind.  You can plant them in the fall, and then when its time, they'll bloom in the spring and you can forget about them after that.  Its so nice to see some color in the yard, even when its too cold to think about planting anything.

Here is a parrot tulip.  I like how the edges look frayed. 

These are some pansies I got last year for my birthday.  I got a whole flat of various pansies for my birthday.  Nice gift!

Lilacs!  One of my favorites!  I sure wish you could smell these...

These are double white lilacs.  I assume because the flowers are double.  This is a slip I grew from my husband's grandma's house.  So its really old. 

I bought this from a fundraiser that my daughter was participating in.  Notice the orange "table" its sitting on.  I bought that at a garage sale at my church for $3.  My plan is to spray paint it a really dark green and put more flowers on the bottom.  I was pretty proud of myself for this purchase! 

More pansies and tulips.  The tall green plant on the right will bloom pretty soon.  Daisies!

...and the prettiest thing in the yard...

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