Monday, May 17, 2010

My Garden

Here's a picture of my garden.  Please don't notice the shed missing its door, and the snow blower.  I wonder how long the snow blower will sit there? 

Anyhow, my garden is not large at all.  It used to be about 3 times this size until 2 years ago when I decided that I didn't want a garden anymore.  My oldest was graduating from high school and we were having the yard landscaped.  It just seemed easier to me to get rid of the garden all together and just put in grass.  And then the landscaper guy made this for me.  So while I can't grow a bunch of stuff, I can still technically say I have a garden. 

Today, I planted a few tomato plants, and some basil plants too.  Its still a bit cold at night so I'm a little nervous about it, but I'm taking a chance. 

Peas.  They aren't growing very well.  I planted them back in March. 

I took this picture Saturday, and posted it on Facebook.  I was contacted by about 3 people telling me to get those brown eggs out of the nest.  Apparently, those are Brown-Headed Cow Bird eggs.  The Cow Bird will lay its eggs in another bird's nest and let the other mama bird raise and care for its young.  The thing is, the Cow Bird eggs will hatch first, and then eat the Robin eggs, leaving no Robins for the mama Robin to raise.  So I made an omelet  got rid of the eggs.  And boy, did I feel guilty! 

So today,  I went to check on the nest just because I'm nosy, and this is what  I saw:

A baby Robin! Its so ugly, its cute!  Poor baby...

So, my tiny backyard garden is on its way.  Next on the garden agenda:  plan and plant a 1000 sq. ft. garden that I'll be renting.  Any hints and suggestions are welcome!


  1. Oh my, that is precious! I have just noticed a cow bird couple out by the feeder recently... I will be on the lookout for the brown eggs!

    I like how the beds are built with the two levels. What do you mean about renting a 1000 sq. ft. garden?

    (on jami's garden party tour)

  2. That is the greatest picture of the baby bird!!! Love it. I hope it survived!

  3. Wow- can't believe you are able to get so close to the nest. How fun! I wouldn't have known that about the brown eggs either...creepy.

    So you got rid of your home garden, but are renting another? Do you just find it easier to take care of somewhere else?

    Thanks for linking at the Tuesday Garden Party!

  4. Heather, I am renting a garden from a local farmer. I pay $50 for the season, and he waters it every day. I just go take care of the weeds and bugs. : ) I decided to rent because my own garden just wasn't big enough to grow what I really wanted: squash, watermelon, etc. So this way, I can garden on a larger scale than I can at home, and because I love to can and preserve, I have more than enough to work with. I'll keep you posted on both gardens.

  5. I love the pics of the nest! And the baby bird....cute (yet ewww!).

  6. Hi... you have some great pictures there... I just wanted to let you know that the blue eggs with brown speckling probably aren't Robins... Robins will have pure blue eggs that are actually much larger than cowbird eggs.

    But it looks like whatever species they are, they removed the cowbird eggs before you had a chance! Awesome :)