Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have failed.  In more ways than one, evidently.  The reason for this blog in the first place was to keep me accountable to my New Year's resolutions.  Remember those?  So my first goal was to run the 5/3 River Bank Run, which occurred last weekend.  Did I run?  No.  And I have no good reasons why I didn't, just that I wasn't ready.  Its not like I didn't have enough time to prepare or anything, I just wasn't ready.  I can't run any farther than a mile and a half so I didn't see any point in signing up for a race in which I could not run the whole thing.  That was my point anyway.  So my new plan is to run the Seaway Run in June.  And now that I've put it out there for everyone to read (all 2 of you people that read this!) I have to do it. 

So what about goal number 2?  Again, fail.  I paid the first bill down to almost nothing, but life has interfered and other bills took precedence.  First, I had to pay DD #1's housing deposit for college, which has been done.  Next, I have to pay for DD#2's trip to Africa with the missions team at church.  I'm paying that today.  Then I have to pay for my son's trip to Green Bay, WI with another missions team from church.  I'll pay that today too.  So, I guess I'm not doing too badly overall.  Now I can concentrate on paying that stupid bill off which will be done within the next 2 weeks.  I should cut myself some slack.  Life rarely happens in an orderly fashion. 


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