Tuesday, June 29, 2010

African Garden

On Tuesdays, I try to post a garden update so I can link to An Oregon Cottage  for her Tuesday Garden Party.  I don't have much to update myself, but I thought I'd show you some pictures of an African garden, called a shamba. 

No rototillers!  The garden plot was cleared by hand, using hoes and rakes. 

I don't know what these are, but they're pretty!

This looks like a lot of hard work! 
While their gardens are mostly functional, I think there is some beauty as well.  I am so glad that while I enjoy gardening, my existence doesn't depend on it!  There is always a store nearby if I need some vegetables.  Thank goodness!


  1. Thanks for sharing... gardening is a global language isn't it?

    I went back and read your last couple of garden posts... it looks terrific! how big of an area do you have? how far do you have to drive?

    by way of Jami's garden party.

  2. Growing your own food is a lot of hard work. My family did it back in Ukraine, and I hated it. Now living in the USA, I have a little vegetable garden and taking care of my vegetable plants is so much fun. I am too glad that my existence doesn't depend on it.

  3. Heather, my garden is 1000 sq. ft. and its located about 15 miles from my house. Not too bad of a drive, and it gives me the chance to grow a whole lot more than I can at my house!

  4. I, too, try to not buy any vegetables at the store from May through Novembe, but there are many times (especially January-March) that I'm SO glad we have markets. ;-) Thanks for sharing this interesting post at the Garden Party!