Friday, April 27, 2012


It's the end of April... Which means its time to start thinking about my garden. I have about 12 square feet to work with so I need to decide what I really want to grow. If I think about what my ideal garden would contain, it starts to resemble my failed rental garden experience. Maybe I need to think about this tiny little plot in terms of real estate. What will provide the most return for my money? (or my time?) Home grown carrots always look so appealing in pictures, but once you plant them, there's nothing to show for it until you harvest them. And melons always taste so much sweeter when they're grown at home. But they take up so much room. I need something that will produce veggies on a continuous basis. Stuff like tomatoes, cucumbers and beans would work. Herbs too. It was 48 degrees here today. Very un-garden-like. But warmer days are on their way. Thank goodness!

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